Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanizing Process:
Hot-dip galvanizing process is simple, automated, easily controlled and tested.
During hot-dip galvanizing steel is fully immersed in the zinc melt, therefore, all surfaces of the part are covered with zinc coating.
Zinc is safe for the environment                                          
Zinc coating forms a strong and active barrier to corrosion of metal structure; it is resistant to degradation and abrasive wear
Galvanized structures has a long service life (up to 30 years), these structures do not require additional expenses for inspection, control and maintenance of coating.
Orenburg Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plant

Orenburg Hot-Dip Galvanizing Plant is a part of holding URALELEKTROSTROY.

The company URALELEKTROSTROY was founded in 1998. The primary focus of the company is comprehensive engineering of power facilities of any complexity, construction and reconstruction of 0.4-500 kV power networks.

Within the framework of the company expansion the automotive equipment maintenance plant “Pokrovsky Avtoremontny Zavod” was purchased in 2009. The first workshop of the steel production plant in Pokrovka, built on its basis, was commissioned in 2010.

The next stage of the holding development was construction of the Orenburg hot-dip galvanizing plant. Moreover, starting from January 2014 the plant renders services to the third parties as well.

Our plant is equipped with the state-of-the-art automatic got-dip galvanizing line of INGENIA make with the capacity up to 80 000 t per year.

Our zinc bath is one of the largest in Russia with dimensions 14.9x2.4x3.5m. The equipment enables to galvanize a metal structure up to 14 tons.

Process capabilities allow hot-dip galvanizing of constriction steel structures, power transmission poles, communication towers, road fence, large-sized metal structures and many others.

If required, our Company can arrange delivery of galvanized metal structures by motor or railway transport.